Bacteriophages: Novel Applications

Applications in Poultry

GBPL has developed a cocktail of lytic phages to control Salmonella infection in chicken. The company has isolated a number of phages and identified 3 phages that are capable of killing most of the Salmonella isolates present in the poultry industry. GBPL scientists have characterized these phages and also conducted a field trial to establish efficacy of the phage cocktail and to improve overall health and FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) in the birds. This product is available for commercial evaluation and marketing.

Other Areas Of Interest

GBPL has explored the use of bacteriophages in tackling Vibrio harveyi infections in aquaculture industry and isolated phages that work on these bacteria. The company is open for collaborative approach to develop this as a product. In addition, GBPL has worked on isolating phages that can kill sulphate reducing bacteria responsible for corrosion of oil pipelines and establishing a method of testing them for efficacy.

Any industrial set up looking for a phage based, eco-friendly solution to combat bacterial burden, may contact us for a mutually beneficial research programs.

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