Our mission is to discover, design and develop highly specific and safe Protein Antibacterials for treating bacterial infections.


GangaGen Biotechnologies Private Limited, India (GBPL), is a biologics company specialized in discovering, designing and developing novel therapies for treating serious bacterial infections. GangaGen advanced it’s candidate compound into human clinical trials for the decolonization of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from human nares in 2015.

GBPL's Beginnings


GBPL was founded and registered in India in 2000 by Prof J. Ramachandran and became a subsidiary of GangaGen Inc., a Delaware company in the US in 2001. The assets of GangaGen Inc. were transferred to Bactoclear Holdings in 2019.

GBPL Ownership

GBPL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bactoclear Holdings Pte. Ltd., a Singapore company. The board of Bactoclear Holdings is made up of investors from different parts of the world, committed to make a difference in tackling antimicrobial resistance.

GangaGen's Research Focus

GangaGen’s expertise towards designing novel Protein Antibacterials is based on its proprietary technology platforms

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