Business Development and Licensing

Business Models

GBPL is a research oriented company that has discovered several bacteriophage derived Ectolysin proteins against diverse bacterial pathogens. Most of them are at early discovery stage with potential therapeutic applications. We work with the organizations in the following modes:

  • Co-Development

  • Out-Licensing

  • Customized Service

Technologies Available for Development & Licensing

GBPL has a collection of bacteriophages against diverse bacterial species and is capable of isolating phages against the bacteria of interest. Phages can be readily considered as alternative to antibiotics and can be used in veterinary, agriculture and food-safety applications. GBPL would be happy to collaborate with interested groups to develop solutions to address problems associated with bacterial burden.

We have a phage product available for co-development and marketing for use to combat Salmonella infection in Poultry.

If you would like to discuss this further:

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