What are Bacteriophages?

Bacteriophages ("phages" for short) are viruses that prey on bacteria only. Phages are the most ubiquitous organisms on Earth, and they abound in natural as well as in man-made environments, where ever bacteria exist.

Phages can be used to control undesirable bacteria in various settings where bacteria may cause disease, contamination, disturbance or imbalance in natural microbiome.

GBPL's Phage Expertise

GBPL’s phage expertise and core bacteriophage technology is applied towards developing safe and effective antibacterial products based on naturally-occurring phages.

GangaGen Phage Library

GBPL’s phage technology platform includes a library of about 500 phages and a collection of more than 3,000 strains representing a diverse set of pathogens. Additionally GBPL has extensive experience in phage isolation, phage engineering, developing phage cocktails and manufacturing of phages for different applications.

In 2007, GBPL made a strategic decision to focus it’s expertise on the use of ‘phage technology’ for novel non-human applications. These applications include: Food Safety, Veterinary, Environment, and Agriculture.

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