Exciting Sports Day at GangaGen

Published on July 28, 2023

At GangaGen, it is not just about work. As part of the Employee Wellness Program, GangaGen recently organized a Sports Day, allowing employees to have a great time and unwind. This year’s event featured two major tournaments: Cricket and Badminton.

The morning session kicked off with thrilling cricket matches. After an intense round-robin league involving three teams—Blues, Reds, and Whites—Team Blues emerged as the victorious champions, with Team Red securing the second position.

In the afternoon, the spotlight shifted to the badminton matches. Participants competed intensely in single-elimination tournaments across men’s, women’s, and mixed groups.

Ashwin and Gireesh P B claimed the top honors in the men’s category, while Sukumar and Girish S, secured the runner-up position.

In the women’s category, Aradhana and Srividya took the top spot, while Sushma and Smitha finished in second place.

The mixed category witnessed a victory for Ashwin and Srividya, with Aradhana and Gireesh P B securing the second position.

It was an action-packed day filled with fun and sportsmanship, bringing the event to an exciting close!

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