Dr.Chandrashekaran, Founder & Managing director, GeNei Laboratories Pvt Ltd, visited Gangagen on 17th August 2016:

Dr. Chandrashekaran delivered an inspiring talk entitled "Entrepreneur by Chance: Journey so far" in which he shared his journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur & the challenges encountered along the journey. He also emphasized on the qualities required for being an entrepreneur.

Dr.Jagadish Mittur, Head- Biotechnology Facilitation Cell, KBITS-Department of IT BT and S&T-Government of Karnataka visited Gangagen on 13th July 2016:

Dr.Mittur gave a stimulating talk entitled "Just a Simple Talk for Interaction" in which he shared his professional experiences, explained about his responsibilities & the vision & facilities provided by the Karnataka biotechnology facilitation cell.

Prof. Dipankar Chatterji, Professor, Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute

of Science, Bangalore visited Gangagen on 25th May 2016:

Prof. Dipankar Chatterji delivered a talk entitled "Regulation of gene expression under stress in bacteria". He presented the detailed studies carried out in his lab on E.coli RNA polymerase and the role of the second messenger guanosine pentaphosphate in the growth of Mycobacterium smegmatis. In addition he spoke about the identification of certain glycolipids in inhibiting growth of M. smegmatis including biofilms without exhibiting toxicity on human RBCs.

Dr.Ramesh Jayaraman, Director, TheraIndx Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, Nelamangala,

Bangalore, delivered a talk at Gangagen on 11th April, 2016:

Dr.Ramesh Jayaraman, Director at TheraIndx Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, which is a Bangalore-based contract research organization, delivered a talk on Pharmacokinetics (PK)/Pharmacodynamics (PD) of biotherapeutics. He spoke about pharmacokinetic parameters that govern drug disposition and pharmacodynamic properties of a drug molecule that affect efficacy. He emphasized that a robust PK/PD characterization of molecules helps in optimizing preclinical candidate and helps in devising an effective dosage regimen in the clinic.

Prof.BalajiPrakash, Senior Principal Scientist, CFTRI, Mysore visited Gangagen

on 11th March 2016:

Prof.BalajiPrakash, delivered a talk entitled "Understanding Structure-function relationships to tweak proteins: A few interesting case studies on GTPases and Rel proteins". Prof. Prakash spoke about the importance of having a structure based approach to understand the mechanism of protein dynamics which eventually can be utilized for rational drug design.

Mr.Narayanan Suresh, Group editor, Biospectrum magazine delivered a talk

at Gangagen on 10th March 2016:

Mr.Narayanan Suresh, Group editor of India"s first & only Biotechnology magazine, Biospectrum visited Gangagen on 10th March 2016 & delivered a talk entitled "Indian Biotech Industry and its prospects". He described the various sectors under Biotechnology such as Biopharma, Bioagri etc. He spoke about companies that have made a major impact globally with biosimilar drugs & India being the largest supplier of vaccines. Mr.Suresh also mentioned about an article in recent edition of Biospectrum on Biotech companies in India to watch out for in the coming years.