Phage Expertise

Phages are viruses that parasitize and kill bacteria. They are highly specific, naturally occurring agents that enter bacteria and destroy them. Phages are used to cure diseases particularly where antibiotics have proven to be either ineffective or where the disease-causing bacteria have built resistance against the prescribed antibiotics.

GangaGen started as a biotechnology company focused on the development of phages and phage- based products for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections, particularly infections that are resistant to antibiotics. GangaGen isolated a large number of phages that kills major human and animal pathogens, devised methods to purify them and characterized their killing efficiency. The Company developed phage products for controlling human pathogens such as E. coli 0157 and Salmonella in food animals. In addition to isolating natural bacteriophages, GangaGen also developed proprietary technology for the production of phage products that address the perceived concerns about phage therapy.

Currently GangaGen is developing a phage product as an alternate to antibiotics for Salmonella infections in poultry. Using phage biology expertise, GangaGen also helps major biopharmaceutical companies in phage contamination testing of their E. coli host used in bioprocess for production of therapeutic proteins.