Presentations & Posters

  • 1) P128, a Novel Anti-Staphylococcal Protein to Treat S. aureus Infections in Wounds and in Bacteremia.
    Presented at New Antibacterial Discovery & Development- Gordon Research conference, March 2016
  • 2) Mechanism of Action of Anti-Staphylococcal Protein P128.
    Presented at ICAAC, September 2013
  • 3) Preclinical studies on P128, a novel anti-Staphylococcal protein.
    Presented at the ASM 2010 Conference, May 2010
  • 4) Preclinical Development of a novel antistaphylococcal Protein (P128) for Clearance of Nasal MRSA and for Prevention of MRSA colonization.
    Presented at Gordon Research Conference on Staphylococcal Diseases, September 2009